Bay Anaesthetists


Anaesthetic Fee Structure:

The fees that Anaesthesiologists charge are a summation of the pre-operative consultation and a time based anaesthetic procedure fee. The consultation ensures assessment of patient risk factors and enable planning of anaesthetic management.

Additional Factors:

Unbooked or emergency cases attract additional “emergency fees” irrespective of time of day.
An additional ‘emergency travel ‘ fee will be charged if a special trip to the procedure venue is required.

Other Modifiers:

Additional procedures performed, techniques and risks are charged.
Including: obesity BMI> 35kg/m2
Bone and joint surgery
Very young and elderly <1 or > 70
ICU admission
Pain control procedures
Strange operating positions
Deliberate BP control

Bay Anaesthetists determine the costs associated with the provision of anaesthetic services by using the coding rules as determined by the South African Society of Anaesthesiologists.
Each associate determine their fee and rate independently.

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